Free Spirits first took shape in Perth as a series of live music events created and curated by musician Phil Stroud and DJ Ben Taaffe as a platform for local musicians and audiences to perform and listen deeply and with presence, pushing their experience of music further through experimentation, improvisation, spiritual connection, contemplation and, at times, dancing. Phil’s eventual relocation to Melbourne saw the vision expand with local record collector and DJ Umut Turk joining the fold and the Free Spirits collective taking its mission to the Melbourne music scene and the digital world beyond.

The label’s first release takes the form of an hour long meditation in percussion, space and time, with Phil Strouds masterful and delicate approach to rhythm and texture stretching temporal perception and tuning the listener into a calming repetition, like he’s teaching us how to breath deeply.

This will be the first in a series of long-form “meditations” scheduled for release on the label over the next 12 months from a diverse and eclectic mix of Australian musicians and producers. Each release will be accompanied by a shorter “radio edit” and video collaboration with Australian photographers and filmmakers.